Lincoln Casket Company, Inc.

Lincoln Casket Company, Inc. is pleased to offer an exquisitely crafted line of caskets that will enable you, as a funeral director, to provide a service that will honor and celebrate a life lived as well as provide peace of mind to the surviving family and friends.

Lincoln Casket Company's quality caskets and reasonable prices mean that our value, the combination of quality and price, is unsurpassed.  You can now level the playing field by buying caskets at prices that are equal to or are, in many cases, better than the prices paid by the large national firms.  These caskets afford you the opportunity to provide a competitively priced funeral, make a living for yourself, your family, and the families of your employees while assuring the future financial stability of your business.

The pictures on this website are pictures of the caskets that we stock.  If you are not able to find something that you want, ask us about it.  We likely have it in the line as a non-stock item and can get it for you.

This website is designed so that the user can view the entire product line or find specific caskets when there is a particular need.  For example, you can view all the 18 Gauge caskets at one time without having to sort through the entire line. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.